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Medicare can be confusing. I help make it simple! As Senior Benefits Advisor, I represent all types of Senior and Under 65 Health plans and most companies that offer them. I can help you shop for the plan that best fits your needs.


Making a positive difference!

I enjoy helping people with their Healthcare, whether it be a supplement, prescription drug plan, a Medicare Advantage plan, or Under 65 health plan. I can also check to see if you qualify for any other benefits such as help with prescription costs, getting your Medicare Part B premium paid for, or if you qualify for Medicaid. Do you need dental, vision or hearing benefits? I can help with that as well.


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Services We Provide

Medicare Supplements

This is a popular option to supplement your Original Medicare Part A and Part B.

Medicare Advantage

An alternative to Original Medicare, these plans are typically HMO and PPO plans with network providers.

Prescription Drug Plans

Prescription Drug plans are a requirement by CMS in order to help with the cost of prescriptions.

ACA Plans

Calculate your most affordable health plan. See what savings you qualify for. Compare quotes from multiple insurance companies. We'll calculate the most affordable plan for your needs.

Final Expenses

Nobody likes to plan for this but it is an act of love when we do. This is a benefit that you give to the people you love once you are gone.

Vision Plans

Many plans have little or no coverage when it comes to prescription eye wear and exams. We can help find a plan that is right for you.

Dental Plans

One of the most sought after plans is Dental insurance. We have a variety of plans to review to see which is best for you and your needs.

Hearing Plans

Many of our clients came to us with a need to have benefits for hearing aids and exams. We have options to help with this benefit.

Hospital Indemnity Plans

When you have a plan that is full of co-pays and co-insurance, a Hospital Indemnity plan can help alleviate many of those costs.

Financial Planning

Our main goal with our strategy sessions is to evaluate and design a plan that allows you to continue living the lifestyle you desire to live with the nest-egg you have built.


Annuities can play a significant role in enhancing financial security for individuals, especially during retirement. Let’s explore how they work and their benefits.


IUL is a type of permanent life insurance that lasts your entire life and builds cash value.

Find Financial Peace of Mind

One of my biggest passions is helping people find ways to be able to afford the medicine and healthcare they need. Many seniors go without medicine or they take less than prescribed because of cost. Millions of people qualify for a program through Social Security called the Prescription Drug Extra Help program but they don't even know it exists. I help those that may qualify, apply. I have helped many people enroll in this program, saving them hundreds and some even thousands of dollars a year on their prescriptions. They no longer have to choose between taking their medicine and buying groceries.


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Working with CKT INSURANCE, LLC was a game-changer for my business. Their innovative approach to commercial development not only exceeded my expectations but also added tremendous value to our project.

John Doe

Collaborating with CKT INSURANCE, LLChas been a rewarding experience. Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and their emphasis on sustainability align perfectly with our architectural principles.

John Doe


What People Say About Our Services ?

Amazing service, very helpful, and made me feel like I understand what is available to me.

Jane Ali

Dallas, TX

This has been the best experience I've had in choosing an insurance plan. I will recommend you to all my friends!

Matthew Perry

Salt Lake City, UT


I'm turning 65. How can I prepare for Medicare and make sure I have the coverage and benefits I have now with my employer?

Trying to understand and make sense of Medicare in comparing plans and navigating the Medicare system can be overwhelming! That's where we show you how we exemplify our model of being Caring and Kind in Teaching Medicare to be Simple!

How can get out of debt fast without sacrificing my savings?

Assess your debt load, Weigh DIY payoff methods-Debt Snowball or Debt Avalanche, Boost debt payoff with budgeting, and let me show you an insurance product that can help you do this in usually half the time it takes with the above methods without it!

How can I reduce my tax liabilities while maximizing savings?

Let me show you an insurance product with the right strategy to help you reduce your tax liabilities while maximizing savings.

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